Standing Rules and Decisions

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Decisions for the Circle

  • Decisions shall be made by a vote of the members of the Wizards’ Circle and will follow a simple majority (to be temporarily suspended upon successful rebellion by the followers of the Circle)

All Treasure Found on Group Expeditions Shall Be Divided As Such

  • 20% of all treasure found of strictly monetary worth will be divided equally amongst the members of the Circle at the time of acquisition and delivered at the time of earliest convenience
  • The remaining 80% of all treasure found of strictly monetary worth shall go into a pool belonging to the Circle to be held in the Circle treasury (treasure to be delivered to the treasury at the time of earliest convenience) and spent out as decided by the Circle
  • Magical and special items found shall belong to the members making the discoveries to be used as they see fit (in accordance with the other rules of the Circle) unless the goal of the expedition was the collection of the items for the Circle
  • Magical and specialized knowledge, and the artifacts containing that knowledge (books, scrolls, etc.), found shall be shared by the members of the Circle and shall go into the Great Library of the Wizards’ Circle for use by all members (items to be delivered to the treasury at the time of earliest convenience)

Member Safety and The Consequences of Member Actions

  • In keeping with the main goal of the Wizards’ Circle members should be mindful of the consequences of their actions and their effects on the comfort and safety of the other members
  • If a majority of the Circle decides that the actions of one of the members is endangering the rest of the Circle, then the Circle shall warn the member of their worries and the member shall be allowed the chance to change or terminate their actions
  • If a majority of the Circle decides that a member of the Circle continues to endanger the Circle, than a majority of the Circle can cancel the membership of the that member
  • Circle members who have had their membership canceled by the Circle shall be allowed to leave with their belongings, the magical and special items they have acquired, any copies of knowledge they have made, and any material wealth they have acquired, but they shall relinquish all claim to the Circle treasury and to the Great Library
  • Ex-members of the Wizards’ Circle may petition for re-entry into the Circle after one years time and their entry shall be debated and voted upon by the current members of the Circle (gifts of wealth, artifacts or knowledge to the Circle made at the time of the petition may or may not have an effect upon the vote)

Payments and Withdrawals From the Circle Treasury

  • Payments and withdrawals from the Circle treasury shall be made with the approval of a majority vote of the Circle
  • Members of the Circle may withdraw funds from the treasury for personal or emergency use, up to a total sum per member equal to 10% of the current treasury, with the agreement that they shall pay back that sum from their personal wealth, or with other items of equivalent worth as agreed upon by the Circle, at the earliest possible time (payment plans accepted by vote of the Circle). All withdrawals must be reported to the Circle. (Please keep your receipts. Our wizard of finance is looking for spell components…)
  • If exiled, reestablishment in the Circle requires paying off all outstanding debts to the Circle

Stipends for Servants and Hirelings

  • Payments for Circle servants’ and hirelings’ salaries shall be paid from the Circle treasury

Proposed Rules or Changes

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