Red Sand Legion

The Red Sand Legion are a renowned and highly reputable mercenary company. Legend says that the legion was formed centuries ago, when an exiled Osretian prince traveled throughout the Kisalvian states gathering supporters and mercenaries to reclaim his throne.

Once he had an army, they traveled across the sea and marched into the desert, following the course of a great river so as not to be too far from water. After several months of maneuvering, the prince and his foreign mercenaries brought his enemies to battle. The levied footman and lightly armored cavalry were no match for the seasoned Kisalvian heavy infantry and were put to rout.

However, the prince was never able to celebrate his victory, as he was thrown from his horse and broke his neck as he observed the final charge. Without a valid claimant to the throne, the mercenaries found themselves alone in a hostile land, very far from any help.

The surviving westerners turned about and began to march back to the sea. They were harried and harassed by vengeful easterners at every turn. Finally, they became trapped by several eastern armies and could no longer retrace their steps along the river, they turned south into the harsh red desert.

Satisfied that the foreigners would most likely die in the desert, the new king sent a small force to garrison the nearest port town to seize any stragglers that managed to survive.

The eastern soldiers established themselves comfortably and made ready for a long spell of inactivity. This was not to be however, as scarcely a month later, a wave of dust-choked revenants swept out of the wastes and butchered the garrison to a man.

Ten thousand soldiers had accompanied the prince on his crusade, less than a third of them lived to reach the sea, kneeling down and washing the blood and sand in the gently lapping waves.

From these few hardened veterans, a great legion was formed that has fought in some of the most terrible and pivotal battles of the age.

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