Gods of the West

The western people of Cadaemon were a free and proud culture with there own grand legacy and legendary heroes until they were brought under the control of the emperors of old many thousands of years ago. After that period they were encouraged to emulate imperial culture in every particular so it is very common to see great urban centers that are peopled entirely by those of Cadaemoni descent. Worship of the southern gods is widespread but the western gods were never completed suppressed and since the fall have enjoyed a great resurgence as they old ways of the tribes are rediscovered and ancient legends are remembered. Some of the most powerful western gods are detailed below.

Rhoinn is the Prydein god of kingship and sovereignty. He is invoked whenever a new royal is acknowledged and is also considered the protector of the Prydein people in general. He is also the master of freshwater and in this capacity he is guardian of the well of wisdom.

Faina is the untamed western goddess of freedom and the wildness of nature. She is sometimes depicted as a wild mare and it is known that she holds a special place in her heart for horses of all kinds. Faina does not generally inspire clerics or holy warriors as her followers do not believe in restricting themselves to such an extent. Instead many of her priesthood are druids or shamans.

Farhage is the dark and sinister god of seas and winter. He was originally a significant member of the western pantheon but was confronted by Rhoinn and exiled from into his current watery domain. Farhage is an cruel and unsavory god who is rarely worshiped but is instead placated by sailors hoping to avoid a wrathful storm or by farmers hoping for an early end to winter.

Athair is a great jovial god who is master of the natural order. He holds sway over life and death in its most fundamental expression. He is also the mentor of Rhoinn and is master of teaching and magic. He is depicted as a massive avuncular character with a great club in one hand and a cauldron in the other hand.

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