Tyrone Howarter




  • Armoury (Body Armor)-9
  • Axe/Mace-13
  • Brawling-11
  • Climbing-9
  • Hiking-11
  • Knife-11
  • Shield-12
  • Teamster (Equines)-9
  • Wrestling-10


  • Appearance (unattractive)
  • Code of Honor (Soldier’s)
  • Compulsive Carousing
  • Horrible Hangovers
  • Sacrificial Block
  • Sense of Duty (Circle)
  • Shield-Wall Training
  • Striking ST 1
  • Stubbornness

Notable Equipment

  • Axe
  • Mail shirt
  • Large Shield
  • Basic Adventuring Gear
  • ~$250

Tyrone Howarter was a proud member of an elite, Kisalvian military legion. He was a model soldier, disciplined in ranks and fearless in battle, but he would never be able to advance beyond the rank of legionary because of his low-birth. Despite this, he served with honor and courage for several years until he was badly injured in a small skirmish. Unwilling to pay for his care, the army discharged him without pay and he was soon forced into begging. A wizard found him thus and offered to magically heal the wound that had never quite healed in exchange for his martial services. Tyrone jumped at the chance and has served faithfully ever since.

Tyrone Howarter

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