Sol Malacara

Spear Carrier



  • Armoury (Melee Weapons)-9
  • Boxing-10
  • Climbing-7
  • Gambling-9
  • Gesture-10
  • Knife-11
  • Shield-12
  • Shortsword-12
  • Spear-12
  • Sumo Wrestling-10


  • Bloodlust
  • Code of Honor (Soldier’s)
  • Compulsive Gambling
  • Fearlessness 1
  • Grip Mastery (spear)
  • Sense of Duty (Circle)
  • Shield-Wall Training

Notable Equipment

  • Long Spear
  • Scale Armor
  • Basic Adventuring Gear
  • ~$200

Sol Malacara was born in the broad plains of southern Alemannia and was chosen by his lord to be a guardsman because of his size and aggressive nature. Soon after his lord was called to war and his levy marched with him. His lord fell in battle and the company Sol was with was given to another noble, who also died in battle. After almost three years of constant fighting, and seeing everyone one else from his village dying from wounds or disease, Sol decided that he’d had enough of war. He deserted one night and spent the next several weeks putting as much distance between him and the war as possible. Eventually he came upon an isolated manner and came to enter the service of the wizard that lived there.

Sol Malacara

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