Roman Sesti

Savage Pack-Bearer



  • Animal Handling (Equines)-9
  • Brawling-10
  • Lifting-12
  • Packing-8
  • Spear-9
  • Survival (Mountains)-8
  • Weather Sense-8
  • Wrestling-10


  • Fit
  • Lifting ST 5
  • Low TL 1
  • Social Stigma (Second-Class Citizen)
  • Temperature Tolerance

Notable Equipment

  • Spear
  • Fur Tunic
  • 20-man Pavilion
  • Pull cart
  • Basic adventuring gear
  • ~$450

Roman Sesti was born into the lowest caste of Osretian society, those fit only to do the most demeaning and degrading labor. He worked for a mid-ranking eastern priest of noble birth and occasionally accompanied him as part of his large retinue to do the things that the slaves were unwilling to do. One year, his master made his way into central Alemannia and had some business dealings with a local wizard. Roman was present when the wizard came to his masters camp to finalize the deal. During this meeting the wizard learned that he was being cheated and, when the slave soldiers attacked him, he slew them and the priest. Not knowing how to handle this situation, Roman did the only thing he knew how, he walked over and picked up the bundle containing the wizards goods and carried it back to the wizard’s home.

Roman Sesti

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