Randy Doom-Renquiste



Randy is the step-brother of Yeer and Archibald Reniquiste and is often the bait or scapegoat for dangerous situations. After the first venture into Benowyc, Randy was seriously injured. While recovering, he presided over the First Union of Renegade Wizards for Free Casting and Research (name still work in progress).

The Battle at Octavius’ Tower took a serious toll on Randy’s spirit, and physical forms. The Cosmic Energy of his void bolt had burned his hands and left a dark spot in his heart, only purifiable at the Fountain of Light at the Temple of Sun and Stars. Bringing Pickle along for the ride he makes a pilgrimage back to his monastery to teach his apprentice and to purify the cosmic damage and re-balance himself on the path of light and dark.

Randy Doom-Renquiste

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