Porfirio Bevilaqua

Potion Taster



  • Alchemy-11
  • Hazardous Materials (Magical)-12
  • Knife-12
  • Panhandling-12
  • Poisons-11
  • Shield-11
  • Spear-10
  • Streetwise-011
  • Urban Survival-11


  • Discriminatory Taste
  • Overconfidence
  • Hard to Kill 2
  • Rapid Healing
  • Resistant to Poison
  • Selfless
  • Truthfulness
  • Wealth (Struggling)

Notable Equipment

  • Spear
  • Small Shield
  • 2-man Tent
  • Basic Adventuring gear
  • ~$175

Porfirio Bevilaqua was born on the streets of Predosa, a prosperous Kisalvian city-state renowned as a center of learning. Porfirio’s parents were barely able to feed themselves and the young child found himself at a very young age begging for coin and food to help support himself. As he grew up he was drawn to the Alchemist’s college near the north end of the city, he dreamed of attending the prestigious academy, but of course that was impossible. Even if the school would accept a student of his lowly birth, he’d never be able to afford the outrageous entrance fee, let alone tuition. He did eventually make it in to the school however, but not as a student. One day he heard a street caller shout out that the alchemist’s were looking for volunteers to serve as testers of several new concoctions that were being developed. The pay was decent and, having no real conception of his own mortality, Porfirio immediately made his way to the college. He began the testing cycle and it became clear that he was a well-suited candidate, as his stomach, long used to dealing with all of the questionable things he ate to stay alive, was well suited to resist any negative effects and remain alive. He came to know some of the alchemists and their colleagues; one of whom, a wizard visiting from far to the north, offered him a place in his retinue.

Porfirio Bevilaqua

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