Johnna Porten




  • Axe/Mace-11
  • Cooking-13
  • Fast-Talk-11
  • Housekeeping-11
  • Knife-11
  • Professional Skill (Bartender)-11
  • Scrounging-11
  • Streetwise-11
  • Survival (Woodlands)-12
  • Teamster (Equines)-11
  • Throwing-10


  • Charitable
  • Clueless
  • Common Sense
  • Serendipity

Notable Equipment

  • Light Club
  • Cloth Armor
  • 2-man Tent
  • Basic Adventuring gear
  • ~$1,100

Johnna Porten was raised in central Alemannia. Her father was a commoner who owned his own small plot of land. Johnna’s mother died when she was only a girl and the duty of running the household fell to her. While her father and brothers worked in the fields, she prepared the meals, mended the clothes, traded with local craftsmen, and also served as hostess to weary travelers because her father insisted on showing hospitality to any that asked for it. One night a charming young traveler came to their door asking for a meal and a place to sleep. The handsome traveler charmed the young girl and she thought she felt the stirrings of love between them. That night, after everyone else went to sleep, she got up to go up to the loft that the young man was sleeping in, but she found him in the main room, standing over the body of her dead father, who had caught the traveler stealing from him. Johnna’s scream woke her brothers who chased the murderer away. After that night things were never the same, her brothers continued to work the land but it was clear that they blamed their sister for what had happened. Instead of suffering their silent resentment, she packed a bag and set off for a nearby town, hoping to find work at a public house or in the estate of a noble.

Johnna Porten

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