Gods of the North

Far to the north, cold winds blow all year round and hard men stalk great beasts through the dark bowers of endless evergreen woods. This land was never fully tamed by the empire and only in the borderlands are there any signs of cities or the comforting familiarity of imperial culture. Beyond the borderlands lies harsh mountains and boundless forests. Within these lands roam mighty beings of elemental power and unthinkable abominations that defy description. Among these live the Geatish peoples of the north. Never having been subjugated by the old empire, their ancient culture remains untainted and intact. Foreigners will find little comfort among the windblown savages and the deep north unless they can prove their worth against the worst that the dark hordes can bring. The Geats still pay homage to the gods of their ancestors almost exclusively.

This is the greatest of the northern gods and he rules of the realms of wisdom, war and death. Wizards look to Stiggan for knowledge, warriors look to him for glory, and the dead look to him for peace.

This is the only son of Stiggan and he is master of the sky and is a protector of the weak. He blesses weddings and births and is one of the most beloved of the northern gods.

Malhyus is the northern god of vows, justice, and leadership. He is also the patron of swords and is invoked by arms makers as they complete their rites and by warriors on the eve of battle.

Lagjana is the northern earth mother and blesses the harvest of her people. She is wife to Stiggan and shares his powers of wisdom and prophecy. She is the guardian of plants and animals and patroness of love.

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Gods of the North

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