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  • The Wizards' Circle

    h2. General Information *Official Name*: _TBD_ *Unofficial Names:* _The Circle_ *Mission Statement:* _Not yet established._ h2. Capabilities *TL:* Early 4 *Members:* * [[:archibald | Archibald Renquiste IV]] * [[:anima | Anima Emmisary …

  • Tower of Octavious

    A small but stout keep located on the summit of a broad hill. It overlooks the surrounding countryside and, until quite recently is was the home of the evil necromancer [[:octavious | Octavious]]. At the foot of the hill lies the village of [[Tyrvo]], …

  • Archibald Renquiste IV

    * Identical twin brother to [[:yeer | Yeer]] * Born to Olivia & Mistral Renquiste (Deceased) * Apprenticed at an early age to to Denithal "Dinkie" Seare of Venroth * Dyes his hair gray * Dresses as a "proper wizard"

  • Alexius Rapoza

    FIREWORKS! EXPLOSIONS!!! The ice sphere making, rock studying, hot air blowing, fireball flinging Wizard is here! No autographs. please.

  • Randy Doom-Renquiste

    Randy is the step-brother of Yeer and Archibald Reniquiste and is often the bait or scapegoat for dangerous situations. After the first venture into Benowyc, Randy was seriously injured. While recovering, he presided over the First Union of Renegade …

  • Maron

    Maron has been able to heal and wanted to help people ever since she could remember. At the age of 17 as Maron was making her way through some forest she came across an extremely wounded individual. She quickly healed him and he woke up. His name was …