Wizards Circle

Session 5
Dealing with the zealots and storming Octavius' Tower

Active Wizards

Having no way to avoid the encounter, the circle unleashed all of their arcane might upon the party of zealots. Despite the best efforts of a group of Nehemiate warrior-priests, the circle was able to prevail. In the shattered wreckage of the camp, they stopped for the remainder of the day to repair their boats (theirs because the actual owners had fled or been killed in the fighting), scour the camp for anything of value, and “recruit” additional laborers.

After several more days of travel down the river, they finally reached the eastward bend that signaled they were nearing their destination. They debarked all of their personnel and equipment and set the barges to drift back down the river to confuse any possible pursuers.

Now traveling overland, an advance party of the circle spied a sizable village at the base of a hill, with a small castle overlooking it from the summit. After some routine investigation, it became clear that there was something unusual about the lord of this place. Randy determined to confront the innkeeper and attempt to coax some additional information out of him, despite the advice of the rest of his companions. Once at the inn, they succeeded only in terrifying the poor man, who begged them to leave them alone, lest they draw the attention of their lord.

This they did, although they soon realized it was too late, as a bailiff from the castle came down and made to kidnap the innkeepers daughter. Rieko was incensed, transforming himself into a great boar of the forest, he charged after the mounted man and his prize, chasing him all the way up the hill to the gates of the castle. The rest of the circle joined him in time to confront the master, a powerful and merciless necromancer and his apprentices and retainers. Through both skill and a seriesof unlikely but fortuitous coincidences, the two young wizards and their boon companions managed to defeat the necromancer and evict his mundane servants.

Session 4
Fleeing the slaver army and taking passage north

Active Wizards

Having managed to defeat the small patrol of the mysterious slavers. However, after retreating back to the hilltop encampment it became clear that the group had been tracked and a small army of the creatures emerged from the woods, intent on slaughter. Thinking quickly, the group decided to pack up the camp and attempt to flee to the south. A small rearguard was formed to draw attention and slow the pursuers. With the aid of powerful infernal and elemental allies, the rearguard was able to delay the enemy long enough for the group to escape, and then break contact with only minor injuries. After the circle regrouped at the crossroads, they made plans to travel north into the Barrows via the Aveline river. A small advanced party was organized to travel to the town of Heskell to purchase wagons and provisions, as well as charter passage north on a small flotilla of riverboats. Things proceeded smoothly and good progress was made, until the dawn of the 5th day of a seven day journey. A small armed camp was spotted in the distance and it became clear that it was some kind of armed checkpoint. The boat crew grew uneasy as they recognized the inhabitants of the camp; Nehemiites. Religious fanatics that wished to impose a harsh dogmatic law on the whole world. Thinking that the zealots were unlikely to let them pass unmolested, the circle made brief preparations and attacked preemptively.

Session 3
First Conclave and encountering the masked slavers

Active Wizards

The current members of the nascent circle convened an informal conclave to discuss their goals and intentions. It was decided that the group wished to establish a center of magical power somewhere in the world to give the members a source of energy, as well as a safe place to conduct research and possibly educate apprentices. The group did not determine where this was to be but decided that the environment around Benowyc was probably too unstable to support a permanent presence. They decided to make one final foray into the ruins for anything of value and then begin preparations to move on. The following morning the expedition moved north to investigate a different gate. As they approached they began to see signs of activity coming from the ruins of a small village abutting the western city wall. They moved forward to investigate and saw a large group of about thirty laborers building a makeshift barricade to block off access to the city from that direction. The workers were overseen by a small contingent of armored overseers wearing fully enclosed metal helmets. The group was discovered by additional sentry’s posted on the remnants of the city walls and a small skirmish ensued. The party was able to defeat the patrol of interlopers, taking one captive and killing or driving off the rest. Before they decided to withdraw back to their hilltop encampment to the south they spied an intimidating armored figure on the wall that was able to obliterate a skull-spirit with a powerful magical energy bolt. They also managed to spot a small earthen mound that had been raised near the entrance that held some kind of magical significance.

Treasury Breakdown
450lbs of assorted coinage at ~$1,000/lbs ($400,000 – $500,000)
270lbs of raw luxury items (gems, precious metal ingots, etc.) at ~$400/lbs ($50,000-$100,000)
135lbs of finished luxury items (art, jewelry, etc) at ~$3,000/lbs ($450,000 – $550,000)

Session 2
Neutralizing gate-guardian and exploring the counting house

Founding members of the (still informal) circle have all traveled to the ruins of the city of Benowyc, about 30 miles NW of a minor crossroad. You have spent some time examining the area around the city and have determined that the area is in a state of constant magical flux and is not safe for habitation. You’ve established an encampment with your various retainers on a small hill about 5 miles south of the city. Various members of the circle have ventured into the city twice now, the first time they only gathered information, but the second time the group returned with 9 large cases recovered from an old counting house. It is clear that these chests contain a fair amount of valuable treasure. At present your residence consists of an array of mismatched tents pitched on the crest of a small round hill with a small ditch dug around it. It has a latrine pit and open cook fires. You have no steady source of income, food, or resources; but between your small contingent of hunters and the efforts of your food wizard you aren’t in immediate danger of starving. Aside from the Wizards themselves and their companions, you have about 15 servants and warriors with you all told, for a total of about 30 people. Please post below any ideas you might have for your wizard to do. If you don’t post you won’t be considered as an active wizard but you might be able to negotiate with someone else to aid their adventure.

Session 1
Initial survey of Benowyc

Having decided to begin their search for a base of operations in the ruins of the ancient city of Benowyc. They arrived and set up an initial encampment on a small hilltop a few miles south of the city proper. Once that was complete, a small scouting party approached the ruins directly. They found that the planar barriers around the city were worn dangerously thin, whole sections of the city had been replaced with alien landscape.


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