Lashandra Puna

Fanatical Maniac



  • Shortsword-12
  • Crossbow-12
  • Exorcism-11
  • Fast-Talk-10
  • Hidden Lore (Demons)-11
  • Observation-9
  • Occultism-11
  • Research-10
  • Scrounging-11
  • Shield-12
  • Stealth-8
  • Streetwise-9
  • Survival (Woodlands)-9
  • Urban Survival-9


  • Delusions-Minor (Masters are infallible)
  • Fanaticism (Circle)
  • Fearlessness 2
  • Hard to Kill 2
  • Higher Purpose (Sacrifice yourself)
  • Knows the Words (Banish, Command Spirit, Planar Summons, Summon Demon, Summon Spirit)

Notable Equipment

  • Shortsword
  • Small shield
  • Crossbow
  • Cloth armor
  • Basic adventuring gear
  • ~$500

Lashandra is a young woman who fled from her home in the night when she learned that she was betrothed to a dangerously abusive older man. She lived for a time on the fringes of society but ran afoul of some unscrupulous bandits. She was captured and kept in brutal conditions for years before the bandits tried to rob a traveling wizard and his entourage. Once the bandits were defeated, Lashandra begged to accompany her savior, who absent-mindedly agreed. The benign neglect that she is treated with under her current master is the closest thing to love she has ever experienced and she quickly developed a fierce, almost irrational loyalty towards him.

Lashandra Puna

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