Landry Barshaw

Pious Monk



  • Axe/Mace-12
  • Brawling-12
  • Exorcism-10
  • First Aid-11
  • Gesture-10
  • Hiking-11
  • Meditation-10
  • Public Speaking-10
  • Religious Ritual (Maskian)-10
  • Research-10
  • Shield-12
  • Teaching-10
    *Teamster (Equines)-9
  • Theology(Maskian)-9
  • Writing-10


  • Disciplines of Faith (Monasticism)
  • Knows the Words (Major Healing)
  • Knows the Words (Regeneration)
  • Knows the Words (Remove Contagion)
  • Selfless
  • striking ST 1
  • True Faith
  • Truthfulness

Notable Equipment

  • Leather Armor
  • Mace
  • Small Shield
  • Basic adventuring gear
  • ~$1,000

Father Barshaw never speaks of his past, but the livid scar across his face speaks to a life lived outside the cloister. He came to the town of Heskell and settled down to preach his faith of peace and knowledge to the rough and tumble farmers and traders thereabouts. Few people took him seriously at first, the locals had their own gods and spirits to pray to, and he was openly mocked. After it became clear that he would not fight, several town ruffians took to beating him for sport.

They might have eventually killed him had not one of the toughs daughter fallen deathly ill, a foul plague that drew the very life from the girl and left her shriveled and weak. Landry went to the man and begged to be allowed to help the girl. Calling on all his art and the beneficence of his deity, he was able to help the girl recover. Suddenly the crazy weakling priest was no longer an object of ridicule, but a respected and welcome member of the community. This act of kindness soon placed him in a position to act as leader to the people of Heskell. So when the savages came screaming out of the east, it was he who lead the few refugees in search of a new home.

Landry Barshaw

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