Jada Cambel

Native Guide



  • Area Knowledge (Alemannia)-12
  • Bow-11
  • Camouflage-12
  • Hiking-11
  • Mimicry (Animal Sounds)-9
  • Navigation (Land)-12
  • Poisons-10
  • Spear-10
  • Stealth-9
  • Survival (Woodlands)-14
  • Tracking-14
  • Traps-11
  • Weather Sense-9


  • Absolute Direction
  • Acute Hearing 1
  • Acute Vision 1
  • Night Vision 1
  • Odious Personal Habits (Unrefined Manners)
  • Social Stigma (Minority Group)
  • Stubbornness
  • Wealth (Struggling)

Notable Equipment

  • Fur Tunic
  • Longbow
  • Spear
  • Basic adventuring gear
  • ~$100

Jada Cambel was born in the eastern hills of Alemannia, part of a tribe of people that had been isolated and left out of the general cultural advance of the rest of the country. As she was approaching her majority, her people were attacked and scattered by a lowland noble that believed there was gold to be dug from the hills. Leaving all that she had known behind, she traveled the country supporting herself on the strength of her woodcraft, or serving as a scout and game warden when that proved impossible. Despite her competence, she found herself treated poorly wherever she went because of her harsh accent and unrefined bearing, until she happened to join a small caravan of wizards who treated her exactly the same as all of their other companions. She has remained with them ever since.

Jada Cambel

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