Hvenda Kroener

Assistant- Wise Woman



  • Animal Handling (Dogs)-11
  • Blowpipe-11
  • First-Aid-12
  • Hidden Lore (Nature Spirits)-12
  • Meditation-11
  • Mimicry (Animal Sounds)-9
  • Naturalist-11
  • Observation-11
  • Pharmacy (Herbal)-11
  • Staff-12
  • Stealth-10
  • Survival (Swampland)-11
  • Weather Sense-11


  • Knows the Words (Beast Summoning)
  • Knows the Words (Bless Plants)
  • Knows the Words (Curse)

Notable Equipment

  • Cloth Armor
  • Basic Adventuring Gear

Hvenda is the wise woman and healer for the village of Meervold. She was happy with her place in life until the abductions began. She found herself powerless to protect those she had always pledged herself too. When a band of foreigners came and made their way up the mountain to confront the danger, Hvenda could not resist joining them to provide whatever small service she was able.

Hvenda Kroener

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