Hans Gillock

Savvy Associate



  • Bow-11
  • Broadsword-12
  • Carousing-12
  • Diplomacy-10
  • Fast-Talk-11
  • Hidden Lore (Magical Writings)-12
  • Knife-12
  • Navigation (land)-10
  • Observation-10
  • Occultism-12
  • Research-11
  • Thaumatology-10
  • Urban Survival-10
  • Writing-11


  • Chummy
  • Impulsiveness
  • Knows the Words (Create Object, Golem, Power)
  • Overconfidence

Notable Equipment

  • Leather Armor
  • Bow
  • Broadsword
  • Basic adventuring gear
  • ~$250

Hans Gillock is a natural-born salesman. Gifted with a gregarious nature and an effortless ability to put people at ease he could have achieved prosperity in a variety of businesses. However, he also has a natural distaste for “the easy way” and desires excitement and new experiences much more that a big house and an ever-increasing pile of gold. To that end he began making ties with several houses of magical creation, eventually becoming a trusted factor for several arcane ventures. When one of his clients mentioned that he was forming a new kind of enterprise, Hans saw the potential for immense profit (as well as tremendous adventure) and packed up his traveling gear to accompany him.

Hans Gillock

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