Genaro Ritzman




  • Axe/Mace-10
  • Brawling-10
  • Climbing-7
  • Fast-Draw (Torch)-10
  • Observation-11
  • Running-11
  • Search-11
  • Buckler-14
  • Survival (Plains)-10
  • Throwing -10
  • Wrestling-9


  • Asbestos Hands 1
  • Fearlessness 2
  • Night Vision 3
  • Pyromania
  • Sense of Duty (Circle)
  • Shtick (Can light a flame anywhere)
  • Shtick (Last thing under)
  • Social Stigma (Criminal Record)
  • Stubbornness
  • Wealth (struggling)

Notable Equipment

  • Leather Armor
  • Mace
  • Medium Buckler
  • Basic adventuring gear
  • ~$250

Genaro Ritzman’s name is legendary among the cutpurses and guttersnipes of the Kisalvian city-states, at least to hear him tell it. The truth is that he was a petty criminal that had been caught one too many times for simple theft and was facing real punishment for the first time. Luckily for him a he was able to escape from the jail before his hand could be taken (a daring breakout, not at all because a negligent guard simply left the cell unlocked when he sat down for his nap). In his mad rush north to escape justice, he somehow found himself in the company of a group of traveling wizards. His absolute inability to appear cowardly in front of others meant that he was often nominated to accompany the circle on dangerous expeditions into who-knows what danger.

Genaro Ritzman

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