Finni Nachmias

Supporter - Wilderness Urchin



  • Area Knowledge (Geatland)-12
  • Boating (Unpowered)-10
  • Camoflouge-13
  • Hiking-12
  • Knife-11
  • Naturalist-10
  • Navigation (Land)-13
  • Stealth-11
  • Survival (Swampland)-15
  • Swimming-13
  • Thrown Weapon (Spear)-11
  • Tracking-13
  • Traps-10
  • Weather Sense-10


  • Absolute Direction
  • Flexibility
  • Talent (Animal Friend)
  • Talent (Outdoorsman)

Notable Equipment

  • Javelin x3
  • Small Knife
  • Basic Adventuring Gear

No one in the village of Meervold is quite sure where Finni came from, he just showed up one day and has stuck around ever since. At first the locals were suspicious of him, but eventually an old widow who had lost all of her children took pity on him and gave him some bread. After that he came more and more often and the villagers came to accept him.

That all ended when Hephsa, the old widow, was taken in the night and never seen again. Finni did his best to look around but he was too afraid to follow the tracks up to the Forsaken Fell and he couldn’t get anyone else to go with him, until a group of strange outlanders came.

Finni Nachmias

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