Ellete Rody

Militant Herder



  • Armoury Melee Weapons-9
  • Brawling-11
  • Climbing-10
  • Knife-12
  • Spear-12
  • Stealth-11
  • Survival (Mountains)-10
  • Thrown Weapon (Spear)-14
  • Wrestling-11


*Bad Temper

  • Callous
  • Fearlessness 1
  • Hard to Kill 1
  • Night Vision 2
  • Social Stigma (Disowned/Outcast)
  • Stubbornness
  • Wealth (Struggling)

Notable Equipment

  • Spear
  • Javelins
  • Leather Jack
  • Basic Adventuring Gear
  • ~$230

Ellete grew up the child of a Cadaemoni hill tribe. The land these tribes lived on was too poor to foster sustained agriculture, so they lived the life of nomadic herders. The tribes wealth, what little of it there was, was all bound up in the livestock they moved from one meadow to another.

All of these factors contributed to making the hill tribes violent and acquisitive, all of them were in a constant state of low-level warfare, guerrilla style cattle raids punctuated by brief but intense skirmishes to decide who would be able to winter where.

As per custom, a young man came to Ellete in the night and seized her from her father, this constituted the more formal version of marriage among the tribes. Normally the girl was supposed to be taken by the strength and ingenuity of her captor and grow to love him, Ellete was furious however, She had already fallen in love with another boy from her tribe and when he failed to come rescue her, she bashed her husband in the head with an iron cookpot she’d received as a wedding gift from his mother and fled into the night.

This unforgivable breach of custom left Ellete unable to return to her own tribe, so she set off on her own. Eventually she settled on the outskirts of the village of Tyrvo. When the new owners came to occupy the tower on the hill, she presented herself to them in the hopes that they could provide her some relief from the boring life she had been reduced to.

Ellete Rody

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