Boyce Heindl

Mad Sage



  • Alchemy-11
  • Cartography-11
  • Diagnosis-11
  • Expert Skill (Natural Philosophy)-10
  • First Aid-15
  • Heraldry-11
  • Hidden Lore (Faerie Lore)-12
  • Hidden Lore (Lost Civilizations)-13
  • Research-12
  • Sling- 8
  • Speed-Reading-11
  • Staff-9
  • Veterinary-11
  • Writing-12


  • Absent-Mindedness
  • Curious
  • Delusions (Haunted by Ancient Ghosts)
  • Intuition
  • Language Talent
  • Languages (Imperial, Osretic)
  • Xenophilia

Notable Equipment

  • Medical gear
  • Sling
  • Staff
  • Basic adventuring gear
  • ~$650

Boyce Heindl was abandoned as an infant and raised at a religious hermitage. From a young age his studious and inquisitive nature was obvious and he was groomed to become an ordained priest and an unparalleled scholar. Unfortunately he showed absolutely no interest in religion, and worse yet, was fascinated by all subjects arcane and sorcerous. When it became clear that he would even pretend to be devout, he was unceremoniously ejected from the order, the only life he had ever known. He managed to talk his way into the library of a famous collector at the same time as an up-and-coming wizard, the two got to talking and the wizard recognized the use of having a highly educated and knowledgeable associate to accompany him on his travels.

Boyce Heindl

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