Arnulfo Walner

Weapon Caddy



  • Armoury (Body Armor)-12
  • Armoury (Melee Weapons)-11
  • Armoury (Missile Weapons)-11
  • Axe/Mace-11
  • Crossbow-13
  • Fast-Draw (Assist)-12
  • Knife-12
  • Packing-11
  • Search-12
  • Smith (Iron)-11
  • Throwing-11


  • Chummy
  • Code of Honor (Professional)
  • Hidebound
  • Humble
  • Minor Addiction (Sia leaf)

Notable Gear

  • Axe
  • Armoury Kit
  • Crossbow
  • Mail Shirt and Coif
  • Basic Adventuring Gear
  • ~$275

Arnulfo Walner was a successful blacksmith in a the Alemannian city of Urcelle. His life was moving along smoothly until one day a charismatic but destitute young soldier came into his forge. The man desperately needed his armor repaired but had no money to pay, instead he spun a tale of a massive hoard of gold and jewels in a hidden place deep in the woods outside of town, he knew where the treasure was but needed someone else to help carry it. Despite his best judgement the blacksmith agreed to accept half of the promised treasure as payment.

Sure enough, after a brief trek through the woods, the pair came upon a large wooden chest filled with gold. The only thing that differed from the man’s description were the three armed guards watching it. Without a word, the young soldier leaped out of concealment and killed two of them, putting the third to flight. Unable to process what was happening, Arnulfo jumped up at the strangers command and grabbed the chest. The two fled back to Arnulfo’s house to divvy up there ill-gotten booty, but before they had even a moment to think, a dozen armed men crashed into the forge and set upon them. The stranger grabbed his sword and engaged them, but Arnulfo only thought of escape.

He left his home that night and has been wandering ever since. Unable to settle down again for the irrational fear that the men will find him and punish him for his theft.

Arnulfo Walner

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