Alvera Pennington




  • Armoury (Missile Weapons)-9
  • Bow-14
  • Climbing-10
  • Knife-11
  • Stealth-10
  • Survival (Woodlands)-12
  • Tracking-13
  • Wrestling-11


  • Callous
  • Odious Personal Habits (Rude)
  • Sense of Duty (Circle)
  • Stubbornness
  • Wealth (Struggling)

Notable Equipment

  • Bow
  • Cloth Armor
  • Basic Adventuring Gear
  • ~$200

Alvera Pennington grew up in the western hills of Cadaemon, learning to hunt and fight alongside her siblings and cousins. One year, she decided to accompany the raiding bands that descended on the lowlands for cattle and coin. Over the next few years she decided she liked fighting so much that she elected not to return home for the winter, but headed south where she heard rumors of a war brewing and an accompanying demand for mercenaries. As a skilled combatant, she found a birth with a respectable company and participated in several battles, before her army was trapped and crushed in a narrow canyon. She was taken as a captive, but instead of being sold into slavery as many of her companions, she was taken by a young wizard accompanying the army and agreed to serve as a personal guard in exchange for her freedom.

Alvera Pennington

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