Wizards Circle

Session 3

First Conclave and encountering the masked slavers

Active Wizards

The current members of the nascent circle convened an informal conclave to discuss their goals and intentions. It was decided that the group wished to establish a center of magical power somewhere in the world to give the members a source of energy, as well as a safe place to conduct research and possibly educate apprentices. The group did not determine where this was to be but decided that the environment around Benowyc was probably too unstable to support a permanent presence. They decided to make one final foray into the ruins for anything of value and then begin preparations to move on. The following morning the expedition moved north to investigate a different gate. As they approached they began to see signs of activity coming from the ruins of a small village abutting the western city wall. They moved forward to investigate and saw a large group of about thirty laborers building a makeshift barricade to block off access to the city from that direction. The workers were overseen by a small contingent of armored overseers wearing fully enclosed metal helmets. The group was discovered by additional sentry’s posted on the remnants of the city walls and a small skirmish ensued. The party was able to defeat the patrol of interlopers, taking one captive and killing or driving off the rest. Before they decided to withdraw back to their hilltop encampment to the south they spied an intimidating armored figure on the wall that was able to obliterate a skull-spirit with a powerful magical energy bolt. They also managed to spot a small earthen mound that had been raised near the entrance that held some kind of magical significance.

Treasury Breakdown
450lbs of assorted coinage at ~$1,000/lbs ($400,000 – $500,000)
270lbs of raw luxury items (gems, precious metal ingots, etc.) at ~$400/lbs ($50,000-$100,000)
135lbs of finished luxury items (art, jewelry, etc) at ~$3,000/lbs ($450,000 – $550,000)



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