Wizards Circle

Session 2

Neutralizing gate-guardian and exploring the counting house

Founding members of the (still informal) circle have all traveled to the ruins of the city of Benowyc, about 30 miles NW of a minor crossroad. You have spent some time examining the area around the city and have determined that the area is in a state of constant magical flux and is not safe for habitation. You’ve established an encampment with your various retainers on a small hill about 5 miles south of the city. Various members of the circle have ventured into the city twice now, the first time they only gathered information, but the second time the group returned with 9 large cases recovered from an old counting house. It is clear that these chests contain a fair amount of valuable treasure. At present your residence consists of an array of mismatched tents pitched on the crest of a small round hill with a small ditch dug around it. It has a latrine pit and open cook fires. You have no steady source of income, food, or resources; but between your small contingent of hunters and the efforts of your food wizard you aren’t in immediate danger of starving. Aside from the Wizards themselves and their companions, you have about 15 servants and warriors with you all told, for a total of about 30 people. Please post below any ideas you might have for your wizard to do. If you don’t post you won’t be considered as an active wizard but you might be able to negotiate with someone else to aid their adventure.



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